Project: Always Part Of RGS

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The aim of this project was to create a film that would act as a ‘recruitment’ exercise as well as act as a vehicle to uphold and reinforce their already highly regarded reputation. From our initial research findings, it was evident that the RGS brand was already in high regard, and our focus should be on maintaining the high standards clearly demonstrate a ‘pride’ in the school present in both the internal and (the majority of the) external community that we can reinforce.
This concept is all about pace, style and use of language. Taking influence from the laid-back, classy styles employed by the likes of Facebook in their advertising, we we're keen to show a huge range of activity and personality (as well as space) in a film that is willing to be clever, willing to be witty and willing to be honest instead of being overly ‘corporate’. This script is deliberately full of subtlety - literary references and tongue-in-cheek phrases, even references to the schools hymn that should intrigue our audience on a deeper level but offer a simple and warm introduction to the school’s guiding principles at face value.