Project: See Through Her Eyes

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During our visit, it became quite apparent that the term “Halstead Family” was a fundamental aspect of the school’s outward terminology and the “Halstead Family” extended much further than the school itself and not only referred to the children of Halstead, but also to each of their families. The external opinion surrounding Halstead is notable. Whether it’s parents, senior schools or inspectors, there is a sense of ‘properness’ that surrounds the school, which was often defined with the term ‘well-mannered girls’ in a calm and purposeful environment. We felt Halstead was an extremely modest school and does not necessarily sing its own praises enough. We let the film do that.
This film takes a different pace and tone than others do and gives Halstead the ability to inject some pace and vibrancy into the calm and purposeful nature and perception of the school. Ultimately, our narrative attempts to give parents a child’s perspective on the school, hence introducing the concept of the entire family joining the school. Our use of visual technique makes for a superbly ‘watchable’ piece contained in a simple and accessible narrative.