Project: Remember Wrekin

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There can be little doubt, from both internal and external research, that the beating heart of the Wrekin offering is its attitude to pastoral care and individualism. It was clear to us that the college is able to neatly articulate its attitude the pastoral side of life - that it knows its students that bit better, asks the right questions of each student and, as such, gets the better response. The wording in online discussions about the college is littered with words like “warm”, “homely”, “down to earth”, “happy” and “nurturing”. This warmer sense needed to emanate from the film in its tonality, pace and colouring.
This concept works around the idea that all our treasured memories are often captured using various devices, be it camera phones, iPads, webcams or traditional DSLRs. With this in mind, we proposed a narrative which interlinks all these happy memories told from the perspective of a camera and ending just before the photo itself is taken. Importantly, our narrative is in reverse, giving our audience a sense of aspiration for a Wrekin College student before ‘grounding’ the idea in the parent’s ‘current’ reality.