Project: #EnjoytheJourney

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Given their locality and competition from both other Independent Schools and the Maintained Sector provision, a school such as Upton House needs to exude a feeling of being ‘worth’ it - both financially and educationally. This film project was a perfect opportunity to inject some sophistication into the outward brand. The extra layer of detail and polish that one finds with good high-brand advertising makes a very clear statement about the quality levels of the brand in question. With this film project, and the creative ‘tone’ that underpins it, we give Upton House a ‘flag to wave’ and the internal audience something to shout about. Crucially, we felt it was the best way to make some noise through the extant community.
This bold, narrative-driven approach looks to build a series of small stories - that is where we feel the power of this concept lies. There’s a powerful link between the ‘wholesomeness’ of these stories and the positioning of the Upton House brand and we feel we are making a powerful statement in and of itself. Moreover, a subtle narrative like this allowed us to add many layers of messaging about the school. It’s worth noting that the launch event, which we recommend to most schools, was a uniquely large, black-tie affair and was attended by 100’s and the film socially shared by its young parent body. This is undoubtedly an incredibly large driving factor in the level of engagement that Upton House has received and admirably, why we feel it will be a raging success in promoting the school.