About Jonny Norton

At Work: Jonny recently joined the Affixxius team as a Motion Graphics Artist, working alongside Andy and the rest of the Post-Production team to produce titles, graphics, and animations for the majority of Affixxius Films projects. He has over five years’ industry experience under his belt, over that time working with a wide array of different clients from lingerie manufacturers to the BBC. A graduate of De Montfort University, Jonny holds a Bachelor of Science (B.S.c) First Class Honours Degree in Media Production, bringing a wide range of skills and knowledge to the team. He is fluent in Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro, Element 3D and more.

At Home: Jonny lives with his family and their two dogs, Max and Dilly. He is an avid tech fan and enjoys producing short films with friends in his spare time. His current main aims in life are to keep expanding his skills, pass his driving test and complete the latest Legend of Zelda game.
Motion Graphics Designer