Project: Tom's Journey

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This project for Loughborough Grammar School originated with the desire to authentically showcase the journey in which the Loughborough Grammar pupils take during their life at the school. The project, therefore, began with three Loughborough Grammar School pupils, Jordan in Year 13, Will in Year 10 and Tom in Year 7. As the school moved along and the students grew older, it was important to encapsulate an up-to-date and current representation of the school.
As the project was updated, new Year 7 students, Harri and Ben, were added to the journey along the way, but the original were never changed. During the creation of the third instalment of the LGS Journey films, 7 years after the original Journey film, it was clear now that Tom who had started in Year 7 during the first film had now seen his way through the school and perfectly encapsulates the entire journey of a typical boy at Loughborough Grammar School.