Multi award winning video production company


Whether you are looking for a fully broadcast-ready TV advert, a piece of service or product promotion or any other use of video-based media, we will meet your requirements with an intelligent understanding, a creative passion and the deft execution that has won us national and international acclaim.

From initial concepts, through planning, filming and post-production, every project is managed by our in-house experts and you have direct access to every member of your Affixxius team.

As a customer, you can trust us to understand your organisation, your customers and your aspirations. Move your audience to respond to your compelling story. Deliver on time and in budget, without unnecessary drama.


Our mission

With every project, we aim to surprise an audience so that they engage with key client messages.

We work very much with the ethos that creativity is born out of a certain fluidity in imaginative thinking, it is an identity built into the character of every single member of our team and in every single project we tackle.

We understand how important a corporate video can be to so many modern businesses, and when our passion for high quality productions is coupled with a client’s desire for results, great things can happen.




1 Understand

Gather brief

The key to quality video production is the art of questioning, listening and understanding. We understand that you have a vision for what your video needs to achieve; it’s our job to bring that to life. This starts with in-person consultation, free of charge, during which we look to immerse ourselves in your brand and offering.

Creative meetings

Armed with as much information and collateral as possible, we now enter into the world of creative meetings. Key members of our creative team come together to explore the techniques, narratives, language and visuals that can help you tell a powerful story in video. Sometimes frustrating, always fun, our aim from creative meetings is to be able to present you with a range of options for how that story should be told.


2 Excite

Pitch concepts

Affixxius Films is excited about every project it produces. When presenting our initial concepts back to you, you can be guaranteed enthusiasm and excitement with a clear justification and reasoning behind every part of our suggestions. Either conducted at our base, Trinity Hall in Loughborough, or at your premises, we are looking in this meeting to excite you about our vision for your brief through Director’s Treatments, indicative visuals and creative references – still without obligation or cost.


Refine concepts

The presentation of our initial creative concepts is not the end of the creative process. With a clear indication of commitment to the available budget (which will be clearly outlined in the previous meeting) and the likely progression of the project, we look to refine our video production concepts to greater detail. This can involve the creation of storyboards, animatics and more detailed treatments as required followed by a re-presentation of concept to key stakeholders.


3 Delivery

Pre production

Our projects will never lack ambition. Projects involve high levels of Pre-Production, including the arrangement of cast, locations, props and specific technical requirements.



We have an unwavering commitment to high production standards. Always shooting on cinema and broadcast-level camera systems and with a wide range of lighting and sound options, our productions are detailed, exciting and fast-paced, broadcast ready. Driven by our in-house team of speclialists, the quality and accuracy of the production is our primary motivation.



The Affixxius Films in-house post-production team includes highly-trained specialist editors, digital compositors, special effects artists, animation artists and motion graphics artists. You will have direct contact with senior members of the team to advise you on timescales and answer any questions you may have during the process.


4 Distribute

Distribution/media buying

As an optional service, we offer our customers the chance to work alongside our Project Distribution team to help get your video production seen by the right audience at the right time. With this service a distribution strategy will be put together, alongside your key stakeholders, to make sure that your video production is distributed widely and accurately. We have close links with online and broadcast advertising platforms (including Sky AdSmart) to generate as much value as possible from every pound spent on your production.



We work directly with clients across multiple industries as well as provide solutions to agencies.