Project: Do You Speak Our Language?

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To a greater or lesser extent, Sherborne International School is a means to an end - to improve the English language skills of an already bright student enough for them to access the upper echelons of the British private education market. We were keen to ‘celebrate’ these outcomes but had to do so while acknowledging the ‘journey’ itself. What personifies that ‘journey’ is the idea of progression, improvement and change. Our concepts needed to make the idea of personal development abundantly clear.
This approach took a very definite ‘stand’ in how it talks about internationalism but does so by placing the development of language at its heart. By willing to be intelligent and thoughtful, we were making a powerful statement about both the breadth of the educational offering as well as the constant ‘theme’ of language development for which students and parents are looking. We made use of a ‘call and response’ method of filmmaking in this instance, with the audience being given a question to ponder before a series of answers are forthcoming. We have designed the language used to be easily and cost-effectively translatable (if required) but simple enough that those with a basic grasp of English can access the message. Most importantly, we created several different language versions for their varying audiences (Mandarin, Thai, Spanish, for instance) using voiceover from native-speaking students and motion graphics text to match their language.

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