Project: "The Adventure"

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Whatever film we made for the Croft, its intention was to elevate the brand, let the external community get a sense of how it ‘feels’ to be a part of the family and to feel as though they ‘belong’ just as your internal community already do. They have an amazing space and that tended to be a buying factor for parents. High academic standards are already here so we had room to play around with fun ideas on space and quirky surroundings rather than beating a drum that needn't be beat.
This concept is designed to inspire and excite our audience, utilising The Croft’s unique features in a manner that will be full of pace, energy and life. Based on the idea of little explorers and an Indiana Jones-type 'adventure', we explore the school's space and curriculum through 'little-adventurers' with a voiceover worthy of any adventure.

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