Project: Mind. Body. Spirit.

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Aiglon College is set in arguably one of the most beautiful parts of the world and as a consequence is not a normal school. This campaign, therefore, had to reflect the beautiful landscape that surrounds the school, whilst also showcasing how this environment suits and encourages the Aiglon College Students to really thrive.
The landscape is ever changing from snowy mountains to vast greenery. It is impossible to truly represent the full diversity of landscape, in which the seasons bring, by filming in just one season. We, therefore, decided that it would be best to film in both the Summer and Winter months, to beautifully give the film an ‘all year round’ feel. Likewise, by utilising the message of ‘Mind. Body. Spirit.’ whilst also encapsulating Aiglon as ‘Home’ to its students, we decided that these messages were best described was through the creation of a series of communications films that are embodied with one more advertorial style film.