Project: Free Range Boys

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Aldwickbury, an all-boys 4-13 day and boarding school in Hertfordshire prepares young boys and men for the challenges of some of the best UK Independent Senior Schools. And despite such a robust title, its 'feel' and personality couldn't be any more different. The school was full of very characterful boys, well-spoken but not unapproachable, they were full of energy and willing to try everything and anything. They have a love of arts, drama, sports and learning and leave Aldwickbury as 'nice young men' - ones you'd hope your own son would be like.
The brand perception was not far from the brand personality. This is a school that has done well to keep their head above the parapet and who knows itself and also knows its audience. This exercise was a gentle reinforcing of brand values and 'feel good' marketing that keeps your audience smiling, nodding and cooing the occasional 'aww'. It's also a statement of intent that Aldwickbury has been a strong and stable organisation and will continue to be under the fantastic leadership of Vernon Hales, a Headmaster I truly engaged with and have oodles of respect for.