Project: Strong Foundations

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Marketing this superb school was easy in a way. With all the right boxes ticked in terms of a 'great school', the focus here can rely on commanding their 'generic' better. Fantastic Teaching and Learning, the fantastic facilities and support, these are all things a school should not be overly humble about. If the competition is on par, it's simply about shouting louder.
Our concept looked to employ a technique rarely used in schools’ marketing but has had, as expected, a superb resonance with Cranmore’s sense of grounded ‘authenticity’ and honesty. We made use of the idea of ‘social experiments’ - where children at the school were set a challenge about which they knew nothing in advance. Although simple on the surface, this idea carries with it great depth and a powerful underlying message to be left with our audiences. With large blocks labelled with our 'Strong Foundations' attributes and smaller blocks labelled with attributes that are desired outcomes, it becomes clear to the kids as well as our audience that one must get the foundation right, in order to achieve results.