Project: Your Future is Coming For You...

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Grounded in an extensive, thorough research process we looked to tap into the essence of Christ School, not to simply ‘describe’ it. Christ School's provision and facilities are remarkable, but it is what they do with them that sets them apart and endears their students so greatly to their time as a “Greenie”. As such we wanted to look through the eyes not of faculty or staff, but of a young man starting his journey at Christ School. He will sense serenity and energy, freedom and responsibility, opportunity and challenge. All of this is part of their story.
The concept itself is bold, daring and completely different from the ‘norm’ of promotional videos for schools across the US. It's something worth watching. This was a collective and brave effort from the school - an endeavour that sums up the Christ School spirit. Everyone at the school was completely on-board with its purpose and production and engrossed in its success from the very first day. This shows the Greenie spirit just as much as it shows excellent management.