Project: It's The Little Things

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No one with even a half-reasonable understanding of the modern Independent Education sector in the UK would doubt that Twyford is a superb school. For us, it stands (from our experience) as the Prep School against which other Prep Schools should be measured where context is similar. The pedagogical philosophy, and its genuine translation into actions, is thoughtful, considered and based on an ideal balance of critical research and attention to the human elements that take a school from good to great. What makes it so special though? It's...the little things that they do so well. Special touches and that's is what we needed to capture in film.
Twyford is an inherently child-centric school, and as such the viewpoint of the child was our starting point. In this sense, produced a film that told a big story through little details - the curious, idiosyncratic little details to which children and parents alike endear.