Project: Be Bedstone

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Bedstone College is a school at the beginning of a new era It's always been a smaller school that values interpersonal relationships between students and staff to fuel the academics and learning potential of its children. Small family-feel schools flourish well in our culture and it's an enviable position when compared to larger organisations who don't always understand the detailed needs of its students. Bedstone is very lucky to have the community that they have, as it is a very close, yet open community catering to abilities of all types, to both a local day market as well as the international boarding market. Bedstone College is where you can have it all - and that can be a difficult proposition to portray in film!
Bedstone College needed a flag to wave locally in terms of marketing, as well as a visual feast for international parents who want to understand what it feels like to be at Bedstone. We also wanted to make a point that Bedstone isn't all about league tables (no school necessarily should be) but about the opportunities at Bedstone. It's a place of guidance, no matter where that path might take you.

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