Project: Navigating Success

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Royal Hospital School had completed quite a large rebrand exercise first. They came to us on solid ground, knowing what their values are, having completely reinvented the school's style, colours, logo and brand identity, having had launched a new website to reflect the visual representation of the school. The next step for them was a film that elevated that new brand. The best and easiest way to publicise the 'new you' is through above-the-line advertising. The film brief to us was to be bold, show who they are and that they are certainly a force with which to be reckoned.
We created a suite of films, quite a good way to tick all the boxes of a customer journey, an above-the-line brand film full of excitement and emotion and a collection of communications films to show the breadth of offering at the school and for use further down a prospective parent's journey. The response from stakeholders has been very positive and Royal Hospital School has certainly used an intelligent strategy within the distribution phase.