Project: Voices

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Eagle Hill School educates students identified with learning (dis)abilities ranging from working memory weaknesses to certain forms of ADHD.  As such, we often find families looking to the school as a ‘distress purchase’ - looking for a better experience where they will be better understood as individuals. This sense of personal ‘transformation’ is at the heart of their new film.
Our first challenge was understanding the psychological and emotional make-up of the audience.   This information, collected in a research visit, was overwhelming, but certain ‘patterns’ within individual narratives often emerged as conversations developed.  In particular, the idea of being criticised, questioned, accused of idleness or even threats if a student didn’t ‘do more’ were always a burning ‘fuel’ in the psyche of the audience.  This, with the work of our creative team, became a narrative that is as strong as it is simple; that those ‘voices’ that may have been with you before will be “left at the door” at Eagle Hill campus, allowing you to be you.