Project: 6th Year Speeches

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Clongowes Wood is a premier, all-boys boarding school 30 miles outside of Dublin, Ireland in the beautiful countryside. Of Jesuit Ethos, the school attracts parents and boys from far and wide and has some impressive history and alumnus. The school, now with its first non-Jesuit Headmaster, had a desire to make a brand statement and therefore wanted an external communications piece that dispelled any underlying myths, but more so was a statement of quality and provision. We discovered the boys were the most respectful, helpful and engaged young men we've ever met. This community and respect and confidence needed to be portrayed in the film, it's a very different proposition to the competitive hustle of Dublin city schools.
The concept of "6th Year Speeches" is something Chris Lumb, the Head was keen to introduce following us proposing it as the concept for their film. Throughout their last year, "6th Year", each boy stands up in front of their peers and gives his speech, something that he creates from the heart, sharing his experiences, giving his advice as mentors to the younger year pupils. This mirrored the experiences we saw and shared in our visit and sat well as a testament to the community feel of the school.