Project: The Foundation

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We've worked with several schools in the Loughborough Schools Foundation group, which consists of the Nursery, Fairfield Prep, Amherst, the Grammar and the High School. As a relaunch of the Foundation's new branding, website and celebrating the 'Family' of schools in the Foundation, we wanted to show the link between the five schools and how they provide an education for children from 6 weeks to 18 years old and focus on what families want from a school - showing that the Foundation is exactly the right choice for your child.
We focused on portrait-style imagery to show the families and specifically, the pupils that are all part of this Foundation. We paired this imagery with "I want..." voiceover from the parents and pupils describing what it is they want from a school, life, an education. We finish in the CTA with a strong statement "We all want a wonderful education and a foundation for life. This is that foundation"

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