This project is the first of its kind for Affixxius.

Avalon approached us to create the motion graphics for their new programme on Sky1 called ‘Comedians Watching Football With Friends’. We then made the introduction title sequence and other supporting motion graphics content throughout the show.

The concept that we came up with and pitched to Avalon was the football tornado concept which shows a football being kicked into a goal, ripping the net and smashing through the side of the stadium. As the ball travels through the streets, it collects multiple football-related objects which follow the ball through the different locations en-route to its final destination. The ball completes its journey when it crashes through a brick wall which forms the edge of a lounge tv set. The items collected on the way fall into place around the set. The idea around this concept was to involve a lot of things that spring to mind when you think of football, hence why we decided to feature objects likes scarves and pies. We also included former Premier League legends and current Sky Sports punditsJamie Carragher and Gary Neville. In addition to these, we came up with the football related street name ‘Letsbe Avenue’, which was a commemoration to the famous Delia Smith “let’s be having you” speech.

The introduction was worked on by our: Head of Post-production (Pete Black), Lead 3D/VFX artist (Andy Kiernan), Motion Graphics artist (Jonny Norton) and Creative Director (Dave Whayman). It was 3 – 4 weeks in the making and everybody involved loved every moment of working on this project.

If you haven’t already seen it, take a look at the intro to ‘Comedians Watching Football With Friends’ here: