The idea behind this short film was to raise awareness for safety and grooming whilst gaming online.

We were one of several production companies in the tender process for this project.

We developed the “Breck’s Last Game” concept following a somewhat same approach as we did to our previous award winning storytelling films.

This type of film was a genre that we could really thrive in, as our narrative approach to storytelling has proven to be successful through previous projects such as, “All Is Not Lost” and “Kayleigh’s Love Story

In the end, our concept came out on top of a selection of ideas from several production companies.

With this concept we looked to portray Breck’s story in a way that showed how 18 year old Lewis Daynes was able to manipulate and groom Breck into turning against his family and friends over online gaming.

This concept was chosen to make our younger generation aware of how easily your ‘friend you online’ can affect your life.

It was decided that for educational purposes “Breck’s Last Game” was going to be shown to all schools across selected counties in England, before it was released to the public. This was decided as the target audience for this project is the younger generation.

This then led to the creation of the teaser for the short film, which was released on the 19th of September 2018. The aim of the teaser was for Leicestershire Police to announce that the film was being made.

“Breck’s Last Game” has made a huge impact already, only 5 days after it was launched! It has had a total of over 650,000 views, 2,150 likes, 600 comments, and 8,924 shares over all social media platforms already!

This film was made to raise awareness of online grooming and carries an important message – do you really know who your online friends are?

We made this film with the support of Breck’s mother Lorin LaFave, The Breck Foundation and we also worked alongside Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Essex and Surrey Police departments to put this film together.

If you haven’t already watched Breck’s Last Game, then please take a few minutes of your time to watch it below:

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