We are so glad you’ve landed here on our bespoke ‘Brief Builder’ Page and we’re excited to explore this opportunity of working together so let’s get to know a little more about you and your project!

Now the fun stuff!!  Below you will find a set of questions to help formulate your thoughts and define the creative brief.  Please fill out as much as you’re able to or if you would like to meet up to discuss then go ahead and make that call.

If you have example videos for reference, please include web links under the “Visuals” section below,
or forward the video files directly to us. You can send large files using online services such as We Transfer (affixxiusfilms.wetransfer.com). Image reference can be embedded at the end of this document.  Or include in the return email.  Once we’ve received the info, we can start working on concepts for you.

Let’s make something great!

  • How would you like us to refer to you?
  • Feel free to give us both a main contact and alternative number on which to contact you.
  • This will be used for our own records and, if appropriate, as the “title” of the video displayed at the beginning or end.
  • The deadline for your video is crucial for us and for you so please give us an idea of when you'd like to see either a first version or to have the final version complete. Please also let us know why this is - for instance if we are preparing the video for a conference we might allow more time internally to allow your AV team to test the version we produce.
  • At whom is this video aimed? This will allow us to get the tone and feel of the messages right.
  • Give us a rough idea of how long you foresee the video being. Ultimately, a video should be as long as it needs to be, but an initial idea is useful. Remember, the average TV advert is 20-30 seconds long and an episode of the Simpsons is 23 minutes long, just to give you some context!
  • For example, 'to sell my product', 'to raise our profile', 'to explain my business', 'to train my staff' etc. Whatever we produce for you needs to do its job, so please give us a sense of what you want it to achieve.
  • What are the main ideas that you want to be explained or promoted in the video?
  • What are the main images that you would like to see in your video? Especially consider those more specialist or particular places or objects of which someone outside your organisation might not automatically think.
  • Who are the main people you would like to see and/or hear from in the video? These might be people we interview, or just people we see on screen.
  • What are the key words and phrases that you would like your audience to hear and understand? Again, please keep in mind terminology that to you might seem normal but to an 'outsider' might benefit from explanation.
  • Audiences often have negative (and/or incorrect) misconceptions about an organisation that we can tackle head-on in the video.
  • Do your audience already have positive ideas about you that we can reinforce? For instance, do you have a strong reputation for a particular skill or offering?