Whether you like it or not Christmas is coming. It’s going to be here before we know it, in fact, shops are already stocking their decorative goods and the aisles are slowly becoming a sea of green and red. It’s time to embrace the fact, the festive season will be here before you can say Santa Claus.

The Christmas TV advert always creates conversation, but more importantly they aim to grasp some level of emotion we have to the festive season. As consumers we’re  all too critical about advertising, and Christmas TV adverts tend to be the ultimate platform to get us talking. On a video marketing level it one of the best leverages into getting potential shoppers to discover who you are, what you do and how they can purchase your product.

For many it tends to be quite an exciting time when the Christmas TV adverts are released, normally started by the Coca Cola, ‘Holidays are coming’ advert paving the way for the rest to follow. Conversations start by debating, which one is new and innovative? Which one makes you tearful? Which one makes you love the brand? Which do you think is pushing the boundaries this year? We’re all critics when it comes to the British Christmas advert, but there is no denying the impact, good or bad it can have on a company.

What can you do this Christmas to stand out? We always believe, (with every video we create) to take your costumer on a journey by telling a story. By doing this it engages consumers on an emotive and relatable level, and Christmas time it is possibly one of the most influential times of the year.

Do you need a Christmas advert yourself? The best way to determine whether your company needs one or not, is to look at your consumer demographic. Are they likely to engage with a Christmas advert? Perhaps you are selling something that could possibly be a gift? Either way by making your business known in the public eye over Christmas time, you’ll be standing out and showing you’re part of the inevitable Christmas advert trend.

Here at Affixxius, we’ve had the pleasure of creating Christmas adverts, we even have some very exciting projects for this Christmas too. We love to ‘think outside the box’ with all our video concepts, but we always maintain the brands key video requirements. Each video proposal is therefore tailored with the core marketing goals of the brand, but it will always have the Affixxius creative flare that makes it unique.

Ready to create your Christmas advert? Come and chat to one of the team about what we can do for you this festive holiday.

Take a look at some creations below.