Being a Full-Service Video agency means we are uniquely positioned to conduct Filming during coronavirus by bringing together multiple disciplines in order to offer our clients innovative, effective, and safe creative solutions to ensure their brand messages still get heard. Split down the middle our Production and Post Production departments are ready to be deployed across a variety of different projects whether that is in tandem or as a solo unit.

What follows is an overview of these resources, including remote direction and micro/ no-crew, live production approaches for Filming during coronavirus. Since day dot, we have built our agency on strategically small productions, and although we’ve grown up a bit, we still know how to run a tight ship. We’ve said it before and no doubt we’ll say it time and time again, shooting small doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice on service and production value.

Phase One …. Shooting Small

Industries across the board are having to deal with a myriad of challenges that the Pandemic and Covid 19 Video Production has brought about and as we navigate through and get to grips with the new reality, it is important that key members of the team are kept up to speed with the day-to-day changes in regulations and recommended guidelines to help prevent the further spread of the virus when Filming during coronavirus. At this time, Affixxius is working diligently to make sure that when people come to work, proper precautions are being taken by everyone to prevent further spread of the virus. We will continue to update procedures and policies we are taking in this regard.

Filming during coronavirus
Filming during coronavirus
Production and Work Practice Controls:
  • Following Social Distancing. Maintain 6 feet separation to the best of our ability in order to eliminate proximate exposure.
  • Hygiene posters have been laminated and posted throughout the studio and at shoot locations.
  • Continual reminders about proper PPE.
  • No large gatherings/meetings – All pre-shoot safety meetings are to be conducted remotely.
  • If there’s a sick crew member – instruct them to go home and stay home until they are symptom-free. (If you’re not 100% you should not come to work)

From studio shoots, to our office, to our living rooms, we have a stable of strategic and private locations that can be sterilised, kept clean and most importantly kept private during filming sessions. From Table Top Production, to P2C work with supporting stock-imagery, we’ve been having fun shooting and editing at the studio, granted with fewer high fives and more questionable face masks appearing as the days go on.

We Own Our Own Equipment

One of the most important factors to emerge from the new APA guidelines and the future safety of production teams across the world is the importance of owning your own equipment. As we’re forced to look closely at the individual role of each crew member in order to limit the number of people on set, we also need to consider essential personnel and contact points during typical production prep. Traditionally, the media landscape has been built around hire facilities which enable crews to scale up their production requirements based on individual project scope. For obvious reasons this approach had to change and fortunately we have always owned our own essential equipment which means we can ensure fewer hands involved in an effort to further mitigate risk when Filming during coronavirus. While rental houses remain closed, we’re able to source our equipment internally which further streamlines our offerings and means we can be more responsive than most other production facilities at this time.

Phase Two…. Hyper Remote

Sophisticated cloud storage systems and remote conferencing technology mean Directed remote sessions are entirely possible for many different types of Video Production and with this technology we’re able to shoot anywhere in the world without the logistics, camera crews, and lengthy turnaround times that are often associated with more traditional production.

The benefits
  • Zero Movement of personnel
  • Realtime Feedback
  • Remote Directing
  • Remote Editing
Technology at the forefront

As an Agency, Affixxius has always been keen to explore new technologies and the emergence of COVID 19 has been no exception. Utilising sophisticated cloud production technology has become part of our day to day operation and as a result, we are well-positioned to advise our clients on the best video capture and transfer software available, all the time streamlining the video production process.

Phase Three…. Safety First

With a sound strategic approach to each individual project and following the official industry guidelines as published by the APA, we are well-positioned to conduct Filming during coronavirus with the necessary and safe means of addressing and minimising coronavirus risks in place. For up to date information on Covid 19 Video Production please download and review the APA’s official Covid 19 video guidelines.

The Advertising Producers Association

Covid 19 Video Production APA Guidelines

In summary, Affixxius will ensure to develop and implement appropriate policies, in accordance with both Local and National Government guidelines and be informed by industry best practices as published and updated by the APA. We will monitor our workforce for early signs of symptoms and will not allow symptomatic people to physically return to work until cleared by a medical professional.

  • SOCIAL DISTANCING – Continue to encourage remote working, whenever possible and feasible with business operations.
  • SANITATION – Continue to adhere to Government and local guidance as well as industry-specific guidance from the APA, particularly with respect to face coverings and hand-washing/ disinfection recommendations.
  • TEMPERATURE CHECKS – Monitor workforce for indicative symptoms. Do not allow symptomatic people to physically return to work until cleared by a medical professional.
  • SHOOT LOCAL – Minimize Non-Essential Travel and adhere to Government guidelines regarding isolation following travel particularly international.
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