When creating video content for a brand there is always an element of uncertainty of its success, like anything, regardless how much you know about the audience, you’ll never be 100% certain. So what can we do to ensure more views, higher success rate and a surge in popularity when released? The priority for a video marketer is always delivering an end product that is inline with the company guidelines, their business ‘voice’ and of course, their ongoing marketing goals. What you cannot guarantee, regardless of checking all the appropriate boxes, is the video being an instant success. Often, a video can be absolutely perfect for a company but unless it’s something new and exciting, it will always have an impact on how well it does in terms of reaching new consumers.

As a production company and digital marketers with over a decade of experience within this area, it is often the videos that offer something different and take risks that tend to do better. We’re not saying that a box checking video is a bad thing, or something that might fail online, we’re simply emphasising the fact that video is a visual and motivational marketing piece. With that in mind whatever is created always needs to aim to capture the viewer’s attention within the first 30 seconds. So, how can you do that? Where do you start? Firstly, it is time to start thinking outside the box with your concept.

There will always be an element of pressure when working with brands regardless of how large the company is, or how well they are known to the public. We tend to find that by tailoring content to work for a client’s overall marketing strategy, but doing something different and giving realistic expectations, is the most successful path we take. However, when working with globally acclaimed brands, the bar will be raised from the start and therefore the pressure is on significantly more to make it a success.

Upscaling what we do with smaller companies, taking more risks with the concept, and ultimately trying something new, is the best way to success for iconic brands. A lot of big brands will stick to what works, and even though they’ll have a certain regular percentage of interest, in order to really push it further, they need to do something that bends the boundaries to stand out.

It is important to engage a viewer’s emotions, tap into something that they can perhaps relate to, and get them thinking about what they’re viewing, so ideally they’ll be going away with a positive lasting impression of the company. This is exactly the same protocol we had for a recent project for Sony Professional, we took on board their own ideas, researching into what they’d previously done and then delivered something that was still Sony, but with a bit of Affixxius.

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