Motion Graphics Showreel

In line with the expansion of their Motion Graphics capabilities, Affixxius have launched their 2021 Motion Graphics Showreel.

The challenges that face Production and live-action work has meant many video agencies such as Affxxius have had to diversify their technical capabilities and offer brands looking to create video content, a more Covid Friendly video production solution.

With this in mind, Affixxius have gradually expanded their Post Production and animation capabilities in all areas. This now means we are able to offer quick, cost-effective and creative video communications at scale. To see some of our new work in this area, why not check out our new Motion Graphics Showreel.

You can see more examples of 2D and 3D Animation work here. Related projects, including our featured work on Little black book, can be viewed here and our full portfolio can be found via our homepage.

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