About Miles Latham

At work: Miles Latham is the Managing Partner and co-founder of Affixxius Films. Having founded Affixxius Productions at the age of 16 with his Business Partner, his foremost motivation as a film director and businessman has been to take every project his company undertakes, regardless of scope, beyond where any other filmmaker would take it. That sense of encapsulating the understanding of storytelling, creative prowess and deft execution has generated great success for himself and his company. It is this philosophy on which Affixxius was established.

Miles is ultimately client-focused with the core of the project and the audience’s requirements as a temperance to that. As a product of Christ Church, Oxford University he brings a highly logical and rational mindset to work with vast experience in promotional video production; he has been honoured with many awards at National and International level. The confidence that Affixxius Films exudes in its work and interactions is a reflection of his own confidence in what his team is achieving every day.

At home: Miles has been married to Katie since 2014 and is a passionate Coventry City FC supporter as well as a keen golfer, cricketer and rugby fan. His academic passion lies in Philosophy and Theology - the subject of his degree.
Managing Partner