Project: Kayleigh's love story

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We were appointed by regional law-enforcement service Leicestershire Police to produce a film to highlight the dangers of online grooming and child sexual exploitation in an ever-digitized world of social media, smartphones and instant messaging apps. The project was to be designed to foster a diverse discussion on the subject of social media and online video streaming platforms from both parents and young teenagers alike, utilizing the true and tragic story of Kayleigh Haywood.
Produced in collaboration with Leicestershire Police and with the expressed permission of the Haywood family, this project was created as a poignant message to both parents and children alike. Using its imagery, directorial style and exceedingly talented actors, local, regional and national covered the launch of the film. The film has a brutal but truthful message and, we hope it will ultimately serve the purpose of spreading a message to young people and their families about the huge dangers posed by unsolicited online communication.