Project: Look Differently

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Campaign Images
Kingham Hill School approached us with the task of dispelling old and out-dated misconceptions that surrounded the school, whilst at the same time drawing them out of some local anonymity. As a result, ‘Look Differently’ was the tagline that was decided, which would embody the entire campaign for Kingham Hill through a series of individual films. It was our ambition to showcase a true representation of the provisions and character of the school through a unique and eye-catching way.
The delivery of this promotional campaign is therefore, two-fold. First of all, we created an above the line marketing piece that tells the story of Kingham Hill School by utilising a birds-eye-view angle to physically change the way an audience member looks at the school and thus reflecting the message of ‘Look Differently’. Secondly, we created a series of communications films, which introduce the audience to the school, the headmaster and the pupils, truly highlighting how special Kingham Hill is as a school.