Project: Shaping Lives

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Given the complexity of the Brentwood ‘offering’ (in terms of structure, size, history etc), the temptation with a film of this type is to overcomplicate. We were excited about bringing subtlety of messaging within a simple proposition to our audience. From our research, we were very clear that Brentwood School holds a ‘first choice’ position within the local area; our challenge and objective was to reinforce and widen that position.
The presentation of a school as a single 3-18 journey was imperative for retaining ‘balance’ in brand perception. There is no doubt that our audience is both looking for either a complete ‘journey’ of education or, looking to ‘jump aboard’ at different ages. As such, the school needed to feel accessible but the film also needed to clearly indicate that the offering is co-education and all-through, without bias to particular areas. The Brentwood brand, to their credit, has a feel of quality and assurance. It is somewhat ‘conservative’, but with good reason. A great deal of our research showed that audience members are extremely conscious of a strong reputation that should be protected from ‘gimmickry’ at all costs. Our challenge, therefore, was to innovate and produce creatively-engaging material without betraying the dependable and ‘solid’ feel the brand currently possesses. Our most dominant outward message was that of quality in all areas of provision, which Brentwood certainly agree we have produced.