Project: Easy as Pye

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Looking to promote their Online Property Auctions platform, John Pye we're keen to produce a TV advert that would work in harmony with their existing brand identity. They were also keen to celebrate their unique offering and the benefits available to people who chose to use their Online Auctioning Platform. Choosing to broadcast their advert on Sky Adsmart, a targeted advertising platform designed to help new to TV customers deliver quantifiable results.
Highlighting the key incentives such as 0% Sellers fees and £0 Marketing costs, we positioned text messages strategically amongst swooping aerial shots of housing developments from around the local area. The cast were also chosen to represent their key audience demographics, those being residential, commercial and land owners. A decision was also made to use a recognizable voice for the narrated script and for this we chose Lucy Alexander, who is known for her work on the popular TV show, Homes Under the Hammer.