Project: Inspiring Girls

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Guildford High School, a fee-paying girls’ school in Guildford holds and enviable position of ‘first choice’ school in the local area for girls. The school has an outstanding reputation both within the local area and on a national scale. Credited not only to its high academic ability but also, it is clear that Guildford High is very comfortable in its own skin so that was a factor in our presentation of the film. There is a perception of pressure on the girls that, as we discovered, was self-induced motivation and could also be argued is pressure from the healthy work ethic which the girls maintain. We needed to present Guildford High as providing the perfect environment for highly academic, all-round, girls.
Because the school is so assured and experienced, the film can, therefore, be confident and brave to reflect this ‘high-brand’ and assured feel, similar to the way in which John Lewis markets itself, which is what your audience will expect from the school. So, we knew our approach would be very much one of “relaxed excellence”, a phrase we had heard several times during our research, and one we believed to be very fitting. Ultimately, we don’t believe that this excellence should be an apology but rather a focal point within the school’s outward imagery.