Project: #WorcesterIsGreen

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This was a huge step in a different direction to anything this school may have undertaken in the past. We felt that there was an excellent opportunity to ‘break the mould’ in Worcester and draw huge levels of attention to the school and the pride they have in their students, school and brand. RGS Worcester was more than happy to let their pupils be the 'superstars' as that is, just as we had discovered in the research stage, exactly how they run the school. And being superstars and superheroes was a very visually stimulating concept to run with!
The #worcesterisgreen campaign is a bold statement showing the community in Worcester that the students' pride in their work and their school indicates there is only one school - and it is green! The film has been successful at driving engagement both internally and externally and shouts undisputed success from the rooftops. Also, in terms of cross-discipline marketing, this school have really taken on board what we proposed for the film's distribution, keeping momentum and using the concept across all online and offline mediums. From branded stills to liveried minibus, to outdoor marketing and even a website takeover made possible by a well-planned collaboration with their website provider, TWK; the marketing efforts will not go unrewarded as everyone will know...#worcesterisgreen