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Not a single piece of human evidence one examines about Farnborough Hill will not mention warmth, care, human interactions and human ‘goodness’ as the cornerstone of the school’s character. We found this remarkable and refreshing and so had to be part of the project. Also, what came out was that there was a sense of 'collective belonging' that was striking and commendable. The girls and parents alike spoke often and passionately about a sense of safety and sanctuary in the school, both in a physical, emotional and spiritual sense. Without veering to the ridiculous, we needed to embrace a femininity in our film and its story - not an apologetic or defensive standpoint.
The concept employs a progressive refrain around language usually analogous with school exams to highlight how Farnborough Hill develops its pupils at a human level as well as an academic one. The concept sets up the idea of examinations as a standard of academic rigour only to show how this is only one aspect of a huge breadth and depth of values found in the Farnborough Hill offering. Beautifully lit and carefully shot, it exudes confidence and femininity and the film has been a success for Farnborough Hill.