Project: #SoMuchMore

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Nottingham High School needed to both consolidate and expand their sphere of influence - the issue of structure and offering had to be addressed in some sense. We had the luxury of being able to segment our marketing efforts and have long-term and short-term aims because of this. So, the ultimate aim for the Nottingham High School brand had to be that audiences would recognise it as the 4-18, co-ed provision it is today. Notable the local area was dominated by pharmaceutical and healthcare employees. These are no-nonsense individuals who care about working hard, about achieving highly and about going on to good things in life. Academic standards were almost always the most recognised feature of the school, and this matters to parents, therefore it matters to the marketing efforts of the school
Our approach looked to demonstrate plainly to an audience (as we had established they may well prefer) the depth of activity, of intellect and of experience that students encounter throughout the 4-18 journey at Nottingham High School. By making use of a series of intricate digital techniques we actually made the highlighting of these features of a Nottingham High School education incredibly smooth. It's a film that is aimed at the ambitious and intellectual parent body, making a statement about the school's academic rigour, as well as the 'extras' their children will experience whilst still showing the structure of the school, which was an important brand message to solidify.