Project: #HistoryInTheMaking

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An obvious aspect of life at King’s Gloucester is the aesthetics of the school and the Cathedral, in particular. The children, staff and parents all feel the Cathedral is part of the draw, and part of their everyday life at King’s. The community evidently feel part of the Cathedral itself; whether it’s emotional or religious, it exists. Another key to our findings is the differentiation between the local state grammar schools' offering and an independent schools' offering needed come across in the external messaging. Also, a notable driving force behind the teaching at King's is a sense of preparing the pupils for jobs that don't yet exist, preparing for a future that seems uncertain at best sometimes, and glorious others. We hoped to covey these traits emotionally.
We looked to embrace the fascinating history of the school but set it in the context of complete modernity through the voices of the students themselves. By combining really interesting cinematographic techniques, carefully composed language and a notable ‘breadth’ of activity in a short period of time were looking to leave the audience with an unmistakable sense of a school that understands itself and is comfortable in its own skin. It would be certainly evident it cannot be compared with local state grammar schools and it should be held in the highest esteem with other local independent schools.