Project: Become HCS

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There can be a question that for some schools there is a ‘sort’ or ‘type’ of child and family that fits the mould, or that is produced as a result of the education and social atmosphere present. It was striking that within the overall ‘feel’ of Hereford Cathedral School there was a notable emphasis on the school fitting around the person, rather than the person fitting into the school. Time and again people spoke of being ‘accepted’ or ‘received’ by the school for who they were rather than identified by what they were not. The young people at Hereford Cathedral School were unpretentious, tolerant, and able to speak openly with us, hey had a sense of integrity about them that was endearing.
This concept looked to use language and clever storytelling to draw attention to the incredible personal development that students at the school so evidently demonstrate. Beyond that, this approach weaves messages of quality performance throughout the curriculum and co-curriculum, of inclusivity of character and of the integrity. Entitled “Become HCS” the approach also has the huge added benefit of giving the audience a clear sense that although entry points can vary depending on a family’s requirements, the continuity of education through to eighteen is a huge strength of the school.