Project: Loughborough Grammar Boarding Journey

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Loughborough Grammar School, part of a group of five schools, wanted something intriguing to showcase the boarding aspect of school life. It was crucial to show the balance of academic rigour with the boys' 'home life' at school. Showing how safety, security, fun and friendships create the building blocks for academic success was paramount in this film. We needed to steer clear of a cliched film and create something unique and worth watching.
The concept looks to directly strike a chord with parents and children alike, and emphasises the direct link between success in academic (and extra-curricular) life being grounded in boarding life itself. This promotes a ‘closeness’ between school life and boarding life that is often distant with some of the more ‘academic-only’ boarding provisions one finds in other UK schools. Within the film, we move around the school and crucially, the start and end positions of each scene are always based on moving from a boarding environment to a different environment, but the latter spaces are hugely varied. We'd hope this gives the implicit sense fo balance and variety.