Project: Reassuringly Normal

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Clear messaging on gender and social stereotyping were important for Loughborough High School, a well-known, academically-strong, all girls' day school in Loughborough, East Midlands. When it comes to brand identity, fitting a mould of 'posh private school girl' is the narrative we wanted to change. This project was about outward identity and a change of brand perception.
Loughborough High School were keen to convey a message that private school didn't need to be some dirty word muttered on the streets and that the sector can be and is as accessible to a family as a state school would be. This fits a wider campaign of the school's Headmistress and Girls' School Association President, Gwen Byrom, quoting the independent sector wants to be part of the solution for social mobility, but social and gender stereotyping remain part of the issue. 'Reassuringly Normal' explores both gender and social stereotypes in Loughborough's community, but we imagine these thoughts are replicated across each community nationwide. The messaging is clear, these girls are 'normal' and that means whatever it means to each individual. Take care not to assume normal looks like anything in particular. Assume its eye of the beholder, but what 'normal' is not, is definable.