Project: Discover The Secrets of ICS Madrid

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Video marketing can be made difficult by the wide provision and a breadth of age ranges, curriculum and activities to share. Whilst describing provision is not our aim, but rather showing feeling, we do need to implicitly reference the 'What are you and what do you do?" part of a school. As with most video marketing of this type, we have a short window to show you...everything! And to make you feel something about it. ICS Madrid provides exceptional education and opportunities with an IB curriculum, fantastic grounds and superb practitioners and that was our brief to show.
ICS Madrid's film shows pupils of varying ages, gender in different parts of the school in the curriculum and extra-curricular activities. The clever part about this film is it tells you nothing, shows you more and explicitly says, "there's more to tell you but you must come meet us". And well, in terms of marketing, that's exactly what the objective is!