Project: We're here to help, more often than you think.

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There’s a long-standing charitable Foundation in Croydon that is there to help people, especially the young and the old. "Why should we care?" was the question presented. Our goal was to humanise the message of the Foundation, but also we had to present the audience with a scenario in which they can see themselves. In one way or another, the viewer is only a few degrees of separation from The Foundation in some way, so they should be made aware of such an influencer in their lives. The brief was also about a positive change in Croydon itself. The Whitgift Foundation want to give to the community a vehicle by which they can feel pride for their diverse and growing city. IN the throngs of regeneration, Croydon feels more up and coming than it ever has before, and we want to show that through film.
This concept embraces contemporary narrative storytelling to make both a straightforward point and a huge amount of more subtle points about the work of the Whitgift Foundation. Our aim, in a short period of time, is to tell individual stories of ‘characters’ who could well be helped by the Foundation before demonstrating how easily those people can be linked together. The overriding ‘takeaway’ of this concept is based on the idea that one could be sat next to someone in a café or at a bus stop and not know how significantly the Whitgift Foundation had helped them.