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It was notable during our research that there is a significant ‘unity’ (particularly among the students, but equally so among staff) between the Boarding and Day communities - not something that is always automatic and is thus very admirable. Therefore, there needed to be at least an implicit nod to this fact within the film. Also, diversity sits at the heart of St. Lawrence College, and any film that didn’t directly or indirectly celebrate this fact would be doing the institution a disservice. The idea of St. Lawrence College being a ‘safe’ place to be on an emotional level, where mistakes and success are all part of the same story, gives young people a freedom to be individuals. Pastoral care is something that highly-selective, examination-driven Grammar School environments can claim, but they will struggle to stand up to the personal care and knowledge for each child that is present at a school like St. Lawrence College. A ‘closeness’ within the community, between staff and students and the school and families, must be a feeling exuded by our film.
This project has been a favourite of ours. The film shows the diversity of its students, breadth of the curricular and co-curricular and the tenacity of the students who go there. The pace of the soundtrack feels right for the College. It's busy, and pupils are engaged and there's a whole lot going on, but mostly it shows the connection between them all and how tight-knit a group they really are. The film has been an absolute success and with launches across Facebook, Instagram and on the website, people are talking about "School Should Be..."