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Sony contacted us with a video brief to create an advert that would help promote the new TEOS manage platform which is a new AV solution designed to help businesses easily manage all of a building’s IP devices from displays to projectors and tablets. The target audience's for this video are facilities managers, AV/IT managers, corporate communications managers, and corporate real estate heads.
Straight from the offset, we established a tone of voice that is unique to most of Sony's other marketing materials. Set to the Fantasia's, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, as the advert unfolds our main protagonist conducts all of the AV devices across the premises. We cut from room to room, with screens and speakers and projectors all bursting into life, showing rich colourful content that is timed up to the music. The film and music crescendos and our protagonist is brought crashing back to reality as his colleague catches him in the act.