Project: RCNi New Nursing Standard

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The RCNi, (a publishing arm of the RCN) approached us with a brief that was to create a new campaign that would reaffirm the RCNi’s position as a premier source of information and support in the nursing community. In line with changes across all nursing and healthcare sectors, the company were going through an exercise of shifting to a more sustainable digital output and the challenge was to inform a network of traditionally paper-based readers averse going online.
Championing the heritage of the publication, we settled on a narrative that would take the viewers on a journey through the ages starting when the first publication went to press back in 1987. Set in a CGI world designed to represent the everyday readers front room, both the publication, decor and objects morph as we ticker through the ages. The voiceover poetically talks us through the landmark changes that have happened throughout the nursing world and how the publication has been there to support, inspire and inform it's readers, every step of the way and will continue to do so during the shift to digital. Our Post-Production team worked tirelessly to achieve the finite detail you see in every scene and we are exceptionally proud to continue to support both RCNi, RCN and the wider nursing community through our video production output.