Project: The End

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In our first collaboration with Leicestershire charity, Loros, we set out to produce a video for Dying Matters Awareness. Loros Hospice wanted to approach the difficult topic of end of life, and the care system that they provide for patients. They wanted a video to emphasise the message that when there is no cure, even though the end of the road can seem a hard and lonely place, at the Loros Hospice, they can help. Loros deliver care that is special and unique to each individual, with a key focus to enhance the quality of life. Ultimately meaning that with their expertise the future can be a little brighter.
As we mentioned the topic of End of Life care can be a tricky message to not only discuss, but also to capture. We wanted to create a video concept that really highlighted the 'homely' feel of Loros Hospice and the personalised care for those who come to stay but more importantly, create something that felt very emotionally relatable.