Project: Education. All Round.

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Bolton School, a co-educational 3-18 independent school on the outskirts of Bolton is a complex organisation structurally with a singular message and ethos. Its complexity lies in the 'division' of the school, as in after a pupil moves up from Nursery and Infants they are split into Boys' and Girls' Divisions. This affords them the benefits of single-sex learning in the classroom with the additional benefits of being on one site and sharing certain activities and learning experiences across the sexes. Upon researching the school's emotional foothold, we found there to be breadth and depth to the curriculum, a community-centred approach and a groundedness that underpinned the learning. It truly was an education for the whole child, all around.
Playing on the concept of 'All Around' and moving that into an intelligent proposition that showed the 'brand' of the school in a visual sense, we explored a technique that would speak well to a very informed audience and raise the profile of an already well-known and well-respected school. Using tracking equipment during production and clever text on screen in post-production, we're able to show the breadth and depth of the school without making the film too 'fat' and show their prospective audience that they are committed to the health and well-being of every pupil, as a way to get the results we'd all expect. Current statistics show engagement levels in the tens of thousands and it's been very well received at the school.