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Peterborough School is an independent day school for boys and girls, from as early as 6 weeks all the way through to 18 years of age. Peterborough School brought Affixxius in to find that endearing part of their school and turn it into film. It wasn't long before we understood what it was that people love so much about the school. Small class sizes that encourage confidence, provide individual support and nurture the child's well-being were common themes at the school. It wasn't only mentioned explicitly, but also observed, as a pastorally rich and comforting environment whereby the caring staff encourage their pupils to do great things. A school, certainly 'on the up' was keen to show its parent body what's so different about the 'inside' of the school, as compared to the local state grammars and other independents. This is a place to feel loved and treated individually and that is exactly how they get the outstanding results that they do.
We created a series of 4 short films, a combination of animation and live footage to tell some compelling and emotional human stories that any current or prospective parent considering this school, would endear to. The animation turning to live footage lets the audience know these are real stories, the narrator is a pupil or parent or alumnae and it warms one's heart to see and hear these testimonials about their successes and personal development that makes them who they are today - confident young men and women.