Project: Results Under Pressure

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Historically, Wolters Kluwer has had a similar approach to their films, making use of talking head videos within fixed locations to emphasise the thought leader approach. For this project, they were looking to take an entirely different angle and produce something unique and disruptive in an arguably creatively stagnated industry. They knew film is a great tool to deliver emotion and broad information, so they asked us to focus their key messaging on the core benefits and USPs of Wolters Kluwer.
We are firm believers that there is no point in producing something that is different if it isn’t also engaging. Without question, the ‘sales message’ for Wolters Kluwer is a complex one but we knew there was scope here to produce something concise and powerful. With the target audience ranging from CEO through to end-user, we had to strike a balance between complex messaging but also more general ‘above the line’ benefits. The film we produced can easily sit at the front of a presentation or start a meeting off, as well as being versatile enough so that it could work remotely online and keep somebody’s attention until the end.