Project: Comedians watching football with friends

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Avalon approached us to create the motion graphics for their new programme on Sky1 called ‘Comedians Watching Football With Friends’. They'd seen our 3D and VFX work across other projects and wanted to incorporate a similar level of realism to the opening and title graphics work.
Keen to introduce some narrative to the title sequence and give our viewers a flavour of what the show would be about, our team came up with a concept that showed a football's journey from the pitch to the front room of our comedian's house. Keen to demonstrate our pedigree as a Post Production facility, we aimed to raise the bar with the visuals and produce something truly unique and eye-catching in terms of what people are used to seeing in TV opening title sequences. The project took rough 3 weeks to produce and was the result of a significant amount of research and technical expertise from the Affixxius team