Risk Takers – Our Creative Philosophy and approach

Being a hybrid Video Agency/Production Company, Risk Taking is in the very nature of our business model!

In a world where the tools to ‘make a video’ are in the pockets of billions of people around the world, the skill of the modern filmmaker lies in applying the right styles, techniques and attitudes to any given challenge and where appropriate, we must be the ones to challenge the norm, to be the Risk-Takers!

Our job, therefore, is to constantly strive for more – more creativity, more engaging storytelling and more results. On a creative level, Affixxius Films will never die wondering.  From a basis of fully understanding any customer’s message, we are able to be calculated Risk Takers.  We will push you, creatively, where others dare not. The landscape of the commercial film world is dominated with ‘the same’ – clichés, templates, “the way it’s always been done”.  We are the disrupters, the “why not?” askers, the ones that will surprise you.

Creative storytelling on film is both our passion and our greatest motivation and this is best emphasised on a recent article featured by the ‘Little Black Book’ Collective which you can read here – https://www.lbbonline.com/news/meet-affixxius-a-production-company-that-dares-to-be-different-and-embraces-bold-ideas-that-change-lives#.XrEch6jdBqg.linkedin

Brands know us for our bold ideas and we love to Take Risks, working with brands that have an edge, a sense of humour, and the confidence to be bold is where we see great things happen. We’ve recently opened up our talents to providing solutions for agencies too and you can see a great example of this work in the below-featured project for Mynt Agency and their client Topps Tiles.

You can also hear more about our approach to Risk Taking in our recent video strategy event – ‘Sex, Drugs and Cats in Bow Ties’ – https://vimeo.com/337232110

(Please contact us via the Website Chat to request Access the video)

To explore more of our brand film work, why not check out our wider portfolio here – https://affixxius.com/brand/

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